Tips on choosing the right bedding


We have to agree that investing in good furniture is a small luxury but sleep is very essential. Investing in high quality products means you will keep them for a long period of time.


First are the pillows. This is definitely something worth investing in, and not too pricey. Were you aware that you need to change them regularly? I suggest getting new ones every two to five years, depending on how much you like your pillow’s firmness.

You can then invest on the sheets. It’s an investment because you don’t need to replace good sheets regularly. You can have them for ten years, if you care for them well.

Pillows that are made from a blend of 80% goose feathers and 20% white goose down have the firmness that suits everybody and they are known to have their form for a long time. It’s like sleeping down on a cloud!

We also provide synthetic material pillows which are ideal for people with allergies.


What makes the down so even in airtight squares, is its structure. It makes consistency in the distribution of the down so after a couple of uses it isn’t all stuck in one place. That’s what you need to look for when you buy a new one down.

Remember, thinner synthetic comforter should be considered by those who tend to get warm at night.


We have two different types of sheets; we offer 330 sheets of thread count bamboo and Egyptian cotton. The bamboo fiber gives a silkier texture. We have 100% Egyptian cotton, 300 sheets of thread count. The sheets have a silky finish but not a silky texture.


Regarding sheets, we offer two different types of mattresses. These are both semi-firm and non-rotating. Did you know that you need to turn a mattress from time to time for consistency?

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